Confined Feeding Operations

Orders and Directives

Enforcement orders, emergency orders, and compliance directives dealing with unauthorized construction are posted on the Natural Resources Conservation Board website until their requirements are met. The orders are closed and archived on the NRCB website when they have been complied with. 

Compliance directives other than for unauthorized construction are tracked on the NRCB's CFO database but are not posted on the NRCB website.

The municipality in which the order or directive is issued is provided with a copy of the order.

Enforcement Orders

Emergency Orders

Compliance Directives

Enforcement orders are issued under section 39 of the Agricultural Operation Practices Act. Enforcement orders can be issued if an operator is creating a risk to the environment or an inappropriate disturbance, or is contravening or has contravened the act, the regulations or a permit issued under the act.

An enforcement order is issued only if verbal or written directives have not been complied with and the problem has not been remedied. It typically will compel an operator to develop or revise a plan to remedy an issue and to take actions to prevent future non-compliance. The order may specify the actions that need to be taken.

Emergency orders are issued under section 42.1 of the act. Emergency orders are issued when a release of manure, composting materials or compost into the environment may occur, is occurring or has occurred, and the release is causing or has caused an immediate and significant risk to the environment.

An emergency order directs the operator to take immediate measures to address the risk to the environment. If the emergency order is not complied with, the Natural Resources Conservation Board may take whatever action it considers necessary to carry out the terms of the emergency order. 

Compliance directives are issued under the NRCB's Compliance and Enforcement Policy (Operational Policy 2016-8). The policy enables NRCB inspectors to work with operators to achieve voluntary compliance. Verbal directives are the first step in the enforcement ladder. When an operator is non-compliant with a verbal directive or the situation is more complex, a written compliance directive may be issued to clarify the action an operator needs to take to come into compliance with their permit or the act. If the operator fails to comply with a written compliance directive, the inspector may issue an enforcement order, or in rare cases, proceed to prosecution.

 Orders and Directives Currently in Effect 

  Enforcement orders


  Emergency orders


  Compliance directives (unauthorized construction)



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