Confined Feeding Operations

Board Decisions under AOPA

Applicants and directly affected parties may request that the Natural Resources Conservation Board (the Board) review a permit decision issued by an approval officer. Parties that were denied directly affected party status may also appeal that decision to the Board.


Confined feeding operators may ask the Board to review an enforcement order issued by an inspector.


There are two steps in the review process. First, the Board meets to discuss the merits of the request. At this stage, the Board decides only whether to hold a hearing or to deny the review.


If the Board determines that the request has merit and agrees to hold a hearing, the hearing may be public (i.e., oral) or written. Public hearings are normally held near the proposed project. Most hearings are completed in one day.


Hearings are an opportunity for the Board to consider in detail the approval officer’s or inspector’s reasons for their decision, the evidence given by the parties to the review, and any other information the Board considers relevant. 


The Board reviews each request received and always issues a written decision that explains why the request was granted or denied. Board decisions are public documents and are published on this website.


AOPA provides for a limited right to appeal Board review decisions, including a decision to deny a request for review, to the Alberta Court of Appeal.


Board Decisions on Requests for Review

Board Decisions Following a Review





How to Apply for a Board Review

Requests for review must be received by the Board within 10 working days of the date the applicant or directly affected party received the decision, or the confined feeding operator received the enforcement order. Affected parties that were denied directly affected party status also have 10 working days to appeal that decision to the Board.

The request must explain the reasons the review is being requested. The forms provided (below) set out the information that must be provided under the Agricultural Operation Practices Act. The request for review form can be handwritten or typed, and must include an original signature.

For assistance, contact Laura Friend, Manager, Board Reviews at 403-297-8269 (toll free 310-0000).

Request for Board review of an approval officer's decision form:

Request for Board review of an enforcement order form:

24 hour, toll free response line: 1-866-383-6722