Confined Feeding Operations

Permit Amendments

The Agricultural Operation Practices Act allows permits and permit conditions to be amended. Public notification is required in some circumstances. The local municipality is considered a directly affected party and is advised of all amendments.

Owner-Initiated Amendments

Confined feeding operators may apply for an amendment to their permit. Amendments to approvals and registrations require public notice. All directly affected parties have the right to request the Board of the NRCB to review the approval officer’s decision on the proposed amendment.

Approval Officer Amendments

Approval officers can initiate an amendment to a permit on their own motion. This mainly occurs if an administrative error is identified. It can also be initiated if a condition is found to be insufficient or inappropriate for the facility. In all cases, the municipality is advised of the change.

An approval officer amendment does not require public notification before the change is made, but all directly affected parties are notified of the change and have the right to request a Board review of the amendment. 

Operational Policy 2016-2: Approval Officer Amendments Under Section 23 of AOPA
Operational Policy 2016-1: Amending Municipal Permit Conditions

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