Confined Feeding Operations

Public & Municipal Involvement

Municipal Involvement

Municipalities are directly affected parties for all applications. The local municipality is sent the Part 1 application when it is received. It is sent the complete Part 2 application to respond to and is asked to provide comments. Its response is considered by the approval officer and is addressed in the decision summary. 

The act binds approval officers to the land use provisions set out in local municipal development plans. If an application is not consistent with the local land use provisions, the approval officer must deny the application. Approval officers consult with the municipality to determine whether the application is consistent with the land use provisions of the municipal development plan. 

When the Board of the NRCB agrees to review an approval officer decision, the Board must have regard for the municipal development plan but is not bound by the land use provisions. If the approval officer denied the application because it is not consistent with a land use provision, the Board may overturn the decision if there is an over-riding reason to approve the application. 

Operational Policy 2016-1: Amending Municipal Permit Conditions

Public Involvement & Notification 

Three kinds of permits are issued under the Agricultural Operation Practices Act: approvals, registrations and authorizations. The kind of permit is based on the number and species of livestock and whether the application is for an increase in livestock. Each permit has different public notification requirements.

  • An approval permit is required to build a large new confined feeding operation or to increase livestock numbers at an existing large operation. Public notice is always issued.
  • A registration permit is required to build a small new confined feeding operation or to increase livestock numbers at a small operation. Public notice is always issued.
  • An authorization permit is required to construct a new facility at an existing operation or to modify an existing facility, but does not involve an increase in livestock numbers. Public notice is not issued for an authorization.

The act requires public notification for applications that require an approval or a registration. A public notice is published in the local paper. The approval officer also sends courtesy letters to neighbouring residents and landowners, provided that the municipality is able to provide the mailing information.

All responses to the application must be received in writing within 20 working days of the public notice. The approval officer’s decision summarizes the responses received and addresses issues that are raised.

Part 1 and Part 2 applications may be viewed during regular business hours in the field office handling the application. Applications for approval or registration permits (involving an increase in livestock numbers) may also be made available to the public by the local municipality. The NRCB also posts the Part 1 and Part 2 on its website under Public Notice of Applications until the deadline for statements of concern.

Applications & Public Participation

24 hour, toll free response line: 1-866-383-6722