Confined Feeding Operations

Public Notice of Applications 

The following applications are currently in the 20 working day statement of concern response period. Statements of concern must be received by the NRCB on or before the posted closing date.

 Applicant Municipality        Closing date for submissions
Milk & Honey Dairy Inc. (Marcel Wassink)
 • RA17042 Public Notice of Application
 • RA17042 Part One Application
 • RA17042 Part Two Application
Ponoka County
October 19, 2017
Hand Hills Farming
 • RA17059 Public Notice of Application
 • RA17059 Part One Application
 • RA17059 Part Two Application
Special Areas #2
October 18, 2017
Five Star Cattle Co.
 • RA17025 Public Notice of Application
 • RA17025 Part One Application
 • RA17025 Part Two Application
Lacombe County
October 13, 2017
Norlin Investments
 • LA17041 Public Notice of Application
 • LA17041 Part One Application
 • LA17041 Part Two Application

Cypress County

October 11, 2017
Country Hills Egg Farm (1126362 Alberta Ltd.)
 • RA17033 Public Notice of Application
 • RA17033 Part One Application
 • RA17033 Part Two Application
Rocky View County
October 3, 2017
Springside Colony Farming Co. Ltd.
 • LA17049 Public Notice of Application
 • LA17049 Part One Application
 • LA17049 Part Two Application
Newell County
October 3, 2017
New Pine Colony
 • BA17006 Public Notice of Application
 • BA17006 Part One Application
 • BA17006 Part Two Application
Athabasca County
October 3, 2017
DJ Hog Farm Ltd.
 • RA04023XD Public Notice of Application
 • RA04023XD Application for Amendment
Vermilion River County
September 28, 2017
24 hour, toll free response line: 1-866-383-6722