Confined Feeding Operations

Public Notice of Applications 

The following applications are currently in the 20 working day statement of concern response period. Statements of concern must be received by the NRCB on or before the posted closing date.

 Applicant Municipality        Closing date for submissions
Trevor Goossen
 • RA17067 Public Notice of Application
 • RA17067 Part One Application
 • RA17067 Part Two Application
Camrose County
February 21, 2018
Meridian Hutterian Brethren
 • LA17037 Public Notice of Application
 • LA17037 Part One Application
 • LA17037 Part Two Application
Acadia Municipal District

February 21, 2018
Dale and Karen Hofstra
 • BA16018 Public Notice of Application
 • BA16018 Part One Application
 • BA16018 Part Two Application
Leduc County
February 14, 2018
Jeremy Friesen
 • RA17073 Public Notice of Application
 • RA17073 Part One Application
 • RA17073 Part Two Application
Camrose County
February 13, 2018
Greg Cruickshank
 • BA17011 Public Notice of Application
 • BA17011 Part One Application
 • BA17011 Part Two Application
Thorhild County
February 13, 2018
Hutterian Brethren of South Bend
 • RA17075 Public Notice of Application
 • RA17075 Part One Application
 • RA17075 Part Two Application
Flagstaff County
February 7, 2018
Elmspring Hutterian Brethren
 • LA17051 Public Notice of Application
 • LA17051 Part One Application
 • LA17051 Part Two Application
Warner County
January 25, 2018
24 hour, toll free response line: 1-866-383-6722