Confined Feeding Operations

About the Regulation of Confined Feeding Operations

The Agricultural Operation Practices Act is the responsibility of Agriculture and Forestry. The act sets out the technical requirements that must be met by confined feeding operations and the regulatory and appeal responsibilities of the Natural Resources Conservation Board.

The act delegated responsibility for confined feeding operations to the board on January 1, 2002. Before 2002, licensing and compliance monitoring were the responsibility of Alberta’s municipalities.

Approval officers review applications for new and expanding operations. Inspectors ensure that confined feeding operations comply with the act, its regulations and their permit conditions. The Board of the Natural Resources Conservation Board provides an appeals function for approval officer and inspector decisions.

Approval officers and inspectors are bound by the provisions in the act. These include public notification, and consistency with municipal land use plans and legislated standards that address the effects on neighbours and the environment.

Approval officers must also ensure that applications are consistent with regional land use plans approved by cabinet under the Land-use Framework.

For information or complaints, contact the nearest field office, or after hours, contact the response line at 1-866-383-6722 (toll free).



24 hour, toll free response line: 1-866-383-6722